What is High Fidelity Wraparound?

High Fidelity Wraparound at All Faiths Children’s Advocacy Center offers strength-based care coordination to Youth and their families. Our highly skilled professionals work with you to reach the goals that matter to YOU!

What you can expect:

  • Weekly meetings with your team
  • A Wrap Coordinator works with you to develop goals that are specific to YOUR wants and needs
  • Help discovering YOUR own strengths and how to build on them to reach YOUR goals
  • After hours on-call support


People will make POSITIVE changes if they are HONORED for who they are, for the STRENGHTS they have, and, if they get their underlying NEEDS MET.

How Can High Fidelity Wraparound Help Me and My Family?

Youth who get involved in the system can struggle to succeed, oftentimes because they receive conflicting information from multiple providers. High Fidelity Wraparound provide guidance and support that helps to restructure the system around the needs of the Youth and their family. Our goal is to create a plan for each Youth that is driven by their own vision for themselves, includes their voice and choice while also taking into consideration the needs of system partners. Plans are realistic and achievable by the Youth, because they are created by them. Our ultimate goal is to help Youth live successfully in their own communities and realize their hopes and dreams.

When can I start?

Start the process today by contacting wrapreferrals@allfaiths.org.