All Faiths is a dynamic behavioral health agency specializing in the treatment of families, children and their caregivers who are struggling due to issues of divorce, homelessness, child abuse/neglect, family violence or other crises. Our highly trained staff specializes in trauma-informed treatment methods that create a safe and comfortable environment in which our clients can heal. In addition, All Faiths serves children, youth and their families struggling with mental health and behavioral health issues which impact their success at home, school and in their community. All Faiths provides a safe and nurturing environment that fosters change for children and families experiencing crisis. Our beliefs guide our mission and the way that we provide services to our community.

  • We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to have a safe and happy childhood

  • We believe that our clients deserve to be treated with dignity, understanding and compassion

  • We believe that your past does not define your future

  • We believe that hope creates healing

It is through this belief system that we provide over 3,000 children and their families with essential
behavioral health services that promote healing from trauma and allow them the opportunity to create a
bright and hopeful future.

“Change happens each day at All Faiths – change that is driven by the perseverance of our clients and supported and guided by our staff. It is individual, it is hard and it requires lots of work – it is about overcoming trauma and forging a new path toward a hopeful future.”

Krisztina Ford, Chief Executive Officer

The Children’s

All Faiths’ Children’s Safehouse provides age appropriate, legally defensible forensic interviews for children (ages 2-18) and developmentally delayed adults who have been the alleged victim of physical and/or sexual abuse or who have witnessed a violent crime.

Family Wellness

All Faiths’ Family Wellness program isdesigned to work with the entire family to address past trauma, relieve current crisis and educate parents on creating safe and nurturing environments in which their children can thrive.

Community Based Health

All Faiths’ advocates work with families in their homes, schools and communities to ensure that their needs are being met in order to lead a safe and secure life.

Wrap Around

Wraparound is a clinically guided approach to creating natural supports around children and youth who have experienced severe trauma.