Dear Friends:

November is National Adoption Month, during which we celebrate all of the children and families nurtured, enriched, and made whole by adoption. For the past two years, All Faiths Children’s Advocacy Center has been operating an adoption program and working with prospective adoptive families as well as clients who have adopted or are fostering children from our community. This month marks an occasion to express our deep gratitude to all of our staff for being heartfelt in their approach, diligent in their work and dedicated in their service to the children and families in this program — and also to those who have adopted, fostered, or are on their path to adopt and foster, as well as the children who’re still waiting to find their forever home.

As a community, we must commit ourselves to ensuring that every child can grow up in a loving and supportive home. We also have to acknowledge the inherent racism that is present in the child welfare system. To this day, a greater percentage of Native, Black and LatinX children are removed from their families of origin and linger for long periods of time in the system. We must therefore work to keep families together and enable them to care for themselves and their young by providing support in the form of governmental assistance and non-profit help.

For the past 65 years, All Faiths has been here for families in need – and with your help, we will continue to be the safe place for all who come to us for assistance.

Thank you and Happy Adoption Month,