Dear Friends:

For the past 18 months, most of our staff has been working remotely while a small group of employees has worked out of the office to ensure that children in the highest of need are seen in person.

These staff work in our Safehouse/forensic program, where police bring little ones to be interviewed. They vary in age and can be as young as 2 — but they have one thing in common: they are all part of an investigation of violent, often sexual, crimes. These children come from dire backgrounds and tell horrific stories, disclosing to our staff what they’ve been through. While we open a door for them toward healing and support, it is often a long time before they get better.

Staff who have worked in this field have secondary trauma from the stories they hear and the pain they witness. Often, they have as many as 3 – 4 of these interviews a day, and so much that’s hard and ugly in this world shows up in our offices.

We all understand that these staff members deserve not only our sympathy and thoughts but also the best work environment that’s possible. To this end, we’ve started the Heal the Healers Fund, which collects monetary support for staff who are struggling with burnout, fatigue and trauma. The Fund pays for their individual needs to help with their family life, their mental health and provide balance in their private life.

These staff take on so much on behalf of our community – and I am asking you to please consider supporting our effort to assist them in return. You can donate to this fund on our website by visiting our Giving Page.

With gratitude, Krisztina