All Faiths Children's Advocacy Center - Healing Kids & Families in Crisis




All Faiths Children’s Advocacy Center is a nonprofit organization whose mission is dedicated to our work as the trusted advocates for children and families affected by trauma. We focus on the prevention, intervention, investigation and treatment of childhood trauma. During this last year alone, with the increased stressors of the pandemic, our waiting list has more than doubled, even as we served nearly 3000 children and their families with a full array of services to guide them to healing and recovery.

But there are two sides to every trauma recovery story. As our staff becomes witnesses to the pain and fear and terror that our clients have endured, they are themselves subject to vicarious trauma. Because of the pandemic, many of our services are now provided by tele-therapy, leaving our staff with fewer emotional resources to draw upon. Just as the pandemic has created additional stressors for the families we serve, it has also added additional stressors for those who work tirelessly to help them.

As an organization that provides services grounded in a trauma-informed approach, we fully understand that vicarious trauma is inherent to the programs we offer. We know that our staff’s repeated exposure to clients’ trauma can leave emotional residue and damage their quality of life. We recognize how essential it is to stand in their support even as they stand in dedication to our mission.

The Heal the Healers campaign is focused on providing support for staff – to protect and provide healing for those who are subject to vicarious trauma as they stand in the front lines of service.

We invite you to support the funding of the Heal the Healers campaign. Support measures can include:

  • Massage for staff.
  • Tutoring services for those who struggle with remote learning for their children.
  • Occasional hot meals delivered to their homes
  • Housekeeping for those who juggle the multiple priorities of work – with children at home in remote learning, and family members who are vulnerable to the pandemic or might suffer from other health issues.
  • Safe childcare to provide respite with periodic selfcare breaks from their children.

We know that as the Heal the Healers campaign unfolds, we will continue to learn more about the support of those who work so hard to protect our future in their work with children and families. It is our moral imperative to ask and to listen to additional ideas.

Your investment in the Heal the Healers campaign will have a direct impact on our ability to work for that healthy future – and the return on your investment will continue to multiply.

We all have a responsibility to Heal the Healers of All Faiths Children’s Advocacy Center. Thank you for considering supporting this fund and this valuable campaign.