As world citizens, we find ourselves linked together by this international pandemic. The actions we take now will define who we are as we climb out of this crisis. We at All Faiths Children’s Advocacy Center, and by extension all the services that protect the vulnerable, want to make sure that children won’t get lost in the midst of this struggle.

We need to thank the community, our board, staff and volunteers for upholding our mission in trying times. All Faiths and our partners, the staff of CYFD and many others, are truly first responders when it comes to the mistreatment of children, providing new paths to healing after trauma — in no other time is this mission more important than now. 

Before this crisis struck, there were many families and children in need who relied on all of us to speak up for their well-being and assist them toward the potential of a life lived with dignity. Now, when all of us are struggling, there will be even more who will need a hand, a voice, a support system.

During this crisis more than ever, All Faiths Children’s Advocacy Center, along with our partners, other non-profits, the staff of CYFD and local police, foster families and many others, are here to provide support and programs that ensure the betterment of many in our community. We know that the pressure of staying at home, homeschooling children and being confined to one place will have an effect on the most resourceful, well-equipped families, not to mention on those who are already strained for resources. 

As you think of the ways in which your own life has been affected by this crisis, try to imagine the havoc it has wreaked in the lives of families whose structures and relationships were already strained. From our experience, we know this stress can manifest itself as abuse of the most vulnerable members of the family – and without daily contact with the teachers, counselors and bus drivers who usually watch over children, this abuse is now happening behind closed doors, with nobody to see or report on it. 

We encourage you and all citizens to reach out to the families in your circle, check in with those who might need support – then, check with your local non-profits and support their efforts to maintain the safety net around those who are the most defenseless.

Together, we will overcome this crisis and the severity of its effects on many New Mexican families. Thank you for your efforts as we weather this storm together, 

Krisztina Ford


All Faiths Children’s Advocacy Center