April is child abuse awareness month and All Faiths stands for the cause and for the children affected by this horrible epidemic.

For close to 65 years, we have been the place to go and the place to help for those who are affected by abuse, neglect and other trauma – those who need support, services and professional help to overcome the effects of adverse childhood experiences.

We serve a growing need, an ever-expanding program – as our state is negatively affected by poverty, substance abuse, mental health issues and a segmented safety net that is unable to cope with the demands.

It is easy to understand yet it’s often overlooked how social issues are tied together. The child who shows up on the doorstep of All Faiths frequently has a parent who needs support with housing or food stamps – and may need mental health services themselves.

We pride ourselves in looking at the family as a whole – addressing their needs as complex as they may be, individualizing approach as much as possible. Our services are expanding. Each year we see more and more children, more families in crisis, and offer more lifelines to those who are struggling to make it with few tools to lift themselves.

This month, I invite you to think about the many layers of problems our communities face. It is reassuring to know that non-profit agencies, for-profit businesses and government entities all do their part to address the immense need — yet we cannot overlook the assistance that comes from us as individuals: the private citizens of our communities whose power is unmatched when it translates to sharing.

This month, I invite you to give toward the cause of child abuse – to give to All Faiths where we work with 4000 children throughout the year to better our community’s future.

We know it will take all we have – and all the help you can offer – to lift our children.


Thank you,

Krisztina Ford

Chief Executive Officer