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For Parents and Families

Do You Need All Faiths?

Is your family struggling to cope with circumstances such as:

All Faiths offers services to children and families that are designed for each individual situation. We provide them with the tools and support they need to deal with their circumstances. Most of our services are provided at little or no cost to families, and are delivered in English and Spanish.

Prevention and Intervention

All Faiths can help children and families before problems become serious. We provide an environment of support along with parenting skills development and other assistance.

Psychological Evaluation and Management

When children and families experience specific behavioral health problems, All Faiths therapists can provide individual therapy for children and their parents, family therapy, multi-family group therapy and parenting classes. These services address emotional and psychological needs, and minimize the effects of family stressors or trauma in the lives of children.

Parent Support Groups

It can be challenging to be a parent. All Faiths is an affiliate of the national Circle of Parents organization. Our Circle of Parents groups offer emotional support to anyone in a parenting role.

Community-Based Services

All Faiths advocates work in the community and in client homes to ensure the family’s needs are being met and children are safe. These services provide an essential link for families by providing life skills coaching, parenting training, connection with community resources, transportation, and even emergency funds when necessary.


The Children’s Safehouse provides child-sensitive interviews and interagency coordination for effective investigation of child abuse. The Safehouse assures that children and families get the services they need while simultaneously caring for the legal aspects of the case.

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