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All Faiths’ therapists provide specialized individual, family, and group therapies for children, caregivers, and families experiencing trauma, stress or other behavioral health issues, including issues around parenting.  All of our therapies work to address the impact of trauma, or “bad things that happen,” in the lives of children/youth and their families to provide healing for the family as a whole.

All Faiths is currently one of New Mexico’s leading providers in trauma-informed behavioral health services, helping just over 1,300 children and families annually.  Our clinical team consist of 23 therapy professionals, who have a combined experienced of 500+ years and are trained in techniques, which include:

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics which emphasize the impact trauma on brain development, self-regulation and overall functioning
  • Child Parent Psychotherapy
  • Use of play techniques, sand tray therapy, art therapy and music therapy
  • Nurturing Parenting Model
  • Treatment of youth who have caused sexual harm
  • Circle of Security Model
  • Nurtured Heart Approach techniques

What is trauma?

Trauma is defined as an experience that causes severe anxiety or emotional distress, or an event or situation that causes great disruption or suffering.  Trauma is anytime bad things happen to a child or family, such as witnessing domestic violence, the death of a loved one, parental divorce, abuse/neglect, or any incident that the child experiences as distressing, stressful and/or disruptive.  Each child experiences a trauma uniquely and how they experience it is influenced by their age and stage of development.  Untreated, a trauma can have a lasting effect on a child’s well-being and behavior, which can carry into their adulthood.

Why are trauma-informed services important? 

At All Faiths, our staff are specifically trained to skillfully assess concerning behaviors being acted out inside or outside of the family and then address any underlying trauma that may be causing the behavior.  We do so safely and in ways, which are in the best interest of the child and do not label the child.  Our goal is to promote life-long healing and nurturing families that thrive.

Taking Care of the Caregiver

In addition to working with the child client, All Faiths also works with their families/caregivers.  Our Family Wellness Program is designed to honor and help caregivers heal from their own past experiences to become the most nurturing and effective caregivers. 

As a result, All Faiths recognizes that individual child therapy alone is not enough.  Changes in the family unit dynamics need to accompany the child’s progress for the best results in the overall healing process.  Families need support, practice and teaching in order to reach their full potential and healing. 

Caregivers who participate in this program are assessed for individual counseling, group counseling, and/or home visits/Case Management. 

Our Parenting Therapy Groups, facilitated by licensed therapists, provide parenting education coupled with therapeutic processes.  Case Management in the home complements individual/group therapy and will help the caregiver with practicing new skills as well as access to community resources to enhance the caregiver/child relationship.

Therapists and Case Managers utilize many holistic approaches beyond traditional therapy.  These include techniques and materials from the Nurturing Parenting Program, developed by Dr. Stephen Bavolek.  This program is evidenced-based and uses standardized assessments to measure parents’ progress in five (5) areas of potential growth to prevent child abusive behaviors. 


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