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The Family Wellness Program at All Faiths offers a safe place for children and families to turn to at the first signs of a potential crisis. Our specially trained staff provide a healing environment for families that fosters mutual support, interactive skills development and concrete assistance.

The Family Wellness Program at All Faiths is designed to help caregivers heal from their traumatic experiences so that they can become the most nurturing and effective caregivers to their children. Caregivers who participate in this program are able to receive individual and/or group counseling, and/or home visits from a family advocate. Home visits compliment individual/group therapy and equip the caregiver with new skills as well as assists them in gaining access to other resources that enhances their relationship with their child.

The Family Wellness Program at All Faiths was developed because of the realization that even when therapeutic progress is made with a child who has experienced trauma, the children do not reach their full potential and benefit without the involvement and engagement of their caregivers. Even the most devoted caregivers can sometimes impede healing with well-intentioned but non-nurturing care giving practices. All Faiths recognizes that individual child therapy alone is not always enough and that the children and families need a holistic approach beyond traditional therapy. Families benefit from therapy augmented with in-home support, guided practice and education.

Parenting Therapy Groups
As part of the Family Wellness Program, Parenting Therapy Groups are facilitated by licensed therapists and follow the evidenced-based Nurturing Parenting guidelines, which provide a foundation and philosophy of parenting that focuses on helping parents learn parenting skills that are supportive of their children.

$20 Book for group + Medicaid & other private insurances accepted (upon verification)
Self Pay rates:  $25 per group session, $80 for intake and individual/family therapy sessions

SPONSORS: Support for this program comes from our following sponsors.

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